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Company Trend Analysis - Three Key Reasons For Iflix's Success Over Netflix In Africa - AUG 2017

Iflix will succeed in SSA where Netflix is being hindered by its inadequate one-size-fits-all model. Iflix's success strategy will be based on three main pillars: content delivery solutions, adequate content localisation and an appropriate subscription payment model. Given the expected growth in internet video entertainment demand in the region, Iflix is poised to become a powerful player.


Industry Trend Analysis - Yudala To Be e-Commerce M&A Catalyst - JULY 2017

Yudala's acquisition of Yes Mobile demonstrates there is greater potential in online-to-offline e-commerce business models in more mature African markets than we had expected. That Yudala could make such a high-profile acquisition less than two years after launching implies sustainable financial growth and positions it to become a catalyst for further deals in this fragmented market.