Industry Trend Analysis - Processing Needed As Oil Data Grows - JAN 2018

BMI View : Supercomputing will be of growing importance to oil and gas companies to process and effectively interpret the vast volumes of data collected across their asset base s . Of the top five privately held supercomputers, oil and gas companies operate three.

As the application of sensors to monitor oil and gas operations proliferates, data processing capabilities will become of increasing importance in the oil and gas sector. In particular, there is a growing need to more efficiently and effectively process the vast data sets collected from upstream assets and acquired during seismic exploration. With oil companies increasingly looking to lowering costs through efficiency, a better understanding of current operations and potential resources will be essential to maximising competitiveness.

The November 2017 Top500 list of the world's largest super computers is unsurprisingly dominated by research centres and government agencies, particularly in the US, China and Japan. According to the data, only five of the top 50 super computers are operated by private companies, three of which are exploration focused oil companies - Total E&P, Petroleum Geo-Services and Eni E&P. A second Italian energy company and Saudi Aramco ranked just outside the top 50.

Oil Companies Big In Private Super Computing
Top 50 Super Computers Globally
Source: Top500

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