Industry Trend Analysis - Privacy The First Step In Greater Regulatory Pushback - MAY 2017

BMI View: The removal of privacy rules is only the start of a greater regulatory pushback in the telecoms sector. Consolidation and net neutrality will be the next focus, as it continues with its light-touch agenda favouring telecoms companies. Privacy also highlights the growing divergence in telecoms policymaking between the US and the EU.

Both Houses of Congress have voted to strike down the FCC Privacy rules, which would have required operators to get the consent of consumers before using and selling their personal data (see ' Data Protection Rules Must Include Google And Facebook ' , March 11 2016). The White House is expected to sign the new legislation and pass it into law. We believe that removing privacy regulation is the start of a regulatory pushback from the new FCC, while it also increases the divergence between the US and the EU on that matter.

Since the Republicans took control of the White House, Congress, and the FCC, there have been a number of decisions taken to remove regulation within the telecoms sector, on top of privacy. The FCC has decided to:

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