Industry Trend Analysis - Opportunity Matrix - JAN 2018


BMI's approach in assessing markets for telecare industry investors globally is two-fold.

Market Opportunity. We identify the demand for the particular telecare service (such as the communicable disease burden, the size of the rural population and per capita health expenditure figures) which represents opportunities to would-be investors, assigning each market a 'high, medium or low' - which indicates the level opportunity for investors.

Tech Base. We identify the level of infrastructure (such as mobile phone subscription rates and electricity consumption) in place to deliver the particular telecare service which pose or could pose operational risks to would-be investors, assigning each market an 'excellent, average or poor' - which indicates the level of opportunity for investors.

We note that only the aspects that are most relevant to the type of telecare system being examined are incorporated into the assessment and each variable is weighted according to its importance in the provision of the service. Overall, the system offers an industry-leading, comparative insight into the opportunities/risks for companies looking to invest in the sector across the globe.