Industry Trend Analysis - Key Themes For Telecoms In 2018 - FEB 2018

BMI View : Operators will increasingly be judged on the breadth, relevance and quality of the services they offer to end-users. Success will require investment in passive and active infrastructure, the creation or acquisition of unique content, the acquisition of complementary businesses and the use of disruptive technologies. The roll-out of networks offering ubiquitous connectivity will take on a new urgency in 2018 as 5G nears commercialisation and the pressure is piled on wireline operators to invest in fibre. Vertical consolidation is still possible - and is actually necessary - in some markets, but horizontal expansion has much to commend it as long as service-led business models are clearly defined.

We have identified five key themes for the telecommunications sector for 2018. While we do not expect all operators to be willing to follow through on them, or to have the resources necessary to act on them, players should look to embrace new service delivery strategies and to use whatever new technologies that enable them to differentiate themselves and best serve their return on investments.

Service-Led Strategies Redraw Business Models

From Products To Services
GM Global Sales (Units), H1 2017
Source: General Motors

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