Industry Trend Analysis - Investment Opportunities In Mobile Phone-Based Drug Monitoring - DEC 2017

BMI View : Investment into innovative telecare solutions that work to tackle socio-economic issues have the potential to provide companies with significant revenue-earning opportunities. While counterfeit drugs and sub-standard medicine supply chain are a problem globally, these issues are particularly prevalent in Africa. Core reasons for this include poor infrastructure, unregulated customs and imports, the proliferation of illegal pharmacies and roadside medicine vendors, a lack of communication between health authorities, and unclear allocation of responsibilities and resources to authorities.

Telecare initiatives that focus on confirming the authenticity of pharmaceuticals and increasing the efficiency of medicine supply chains have the potential to provide revenue-earning opportunities to software developers and device manufacturers - particularly as the technology is applicable to both the private and public sector.

Counterfeit Medicines

Counterfeit Drugs And Sub-Standard Medicine Supply Chains To Generate The Demand For Drug Monitoring Telecare Services
Drug Monitoring: Markets For Investment
Source: BMI Research

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