Industry Trend Analysis - German Broadband Issues Part Of European Trend - NOV 2017

BMI View: Through its extra EUR2bn investment into broadband, Vodafone wants to highlight the current state of the market during the election campaign, hoping for a new framework where incumbent Deutsche Telekom is less dominant. There is a need to improve the availability of the most advanced services, but operators' real work will be to convince users to upgrade to these premium services.

Vodafone will invest an extra EUR2bn (USD2.4bn) until 2021 into gigabit broadband in Germany. The plan expects to connect 13.7mn new connections through three different schemes:

  • Giga-Business will target 100,000 companies through an investment of between EUR1.4-1.6bn;

  • Old Technologies Dominate
    Fixed Broadband Subscriptions (mn), 2010-2016
    Source: BNetzA

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