Industry Trend Analysis - Bullish Dutch Outlook Confirms Core IoT Views - NOV 2017

BMI View: We are bullish about the evolution of the Dutch IoT (Internet of Things) market, for two key reasons: the Netherlands ' position as a regional and international hub, and strong competition between the four principal operators. This in turn reinforces and confirms some of the core views we have put out on the IoT since 2016.

Dutch incumbent KPN has launched KPN Things, an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution. Under the four pillars of providing hardware, connectivity, data and professional services, it fits KPN's overall IoT strategy to simplify, grow and innovate. We are bullish about the Dutch IoT market for two reasons: the country's position as an international hub, and strong competition between operators (see ' UK Lacks Necessary IoT Drivers ' , October 19 2016). Furthermore, the evolution of the market reinforces some of the core views we have put out since 2016 (see ' Key Issues From MWC16: IoT ' , February 29 2016; ' Why M2M Must Become IoT ' , April 13 2016 & ' IoT Key Themes 2017 - Enterprise Drives Focus On Cost Cutting ' , January 31 2017).

We expect the Dutch machine-to-machine (M2M) market to grow strongly until 2026, where it will reach over 14mn subscriptions compared to just under 4mn in 2016. There are two key reasons for our outlook:

  • Strong Potential For Growth
    M2M Subcriptions (mn), 2013-2026
    f = BMI forecast. Source: ACM, BMI Research

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