Company Trend Analysis - T-Mobile Fixed LTE Needs OTT Services To Stand Out - MAY 2017

BMI View : T-Mobile ' s fixed wireless LTE offering will be a positive in terms of the operator ' s increasing traction in its wireline business. However, aggressive wireline revenue growth will require service convergence since network upgrades will not be enough on their own.

T-Mobile Czech Republic has launched a fixed wireless internet offering leveraging 4G LTE technology that, according to the operator, now covers more than 90% of the population with maximum connection speeds of up to 100Mbps. However, in light of underperforming wireline adoption, revenue growth will demand more aggressive product bundling from the operator, rather than focusing mainly on network upgrades.

The move is part of the operator's service deepening strategy aimed at achieving more traction in the wireline business it inherited from GTS Central Europe. By bypassing inefficient xDSL lines with more efficient 4G LTE technology, T-Mobile will have better prospects of driving growth in its broadband business with a complementary LTE offering.

A Lacklustre Wireline Business
T-Mobile Czech: Selected Wireline Indicators
Source: Deutsche Telekom, BMI

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