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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - FCC & DoJ: Light-Touch Regulation With Different Impacts - JAN 2018

Americas November 2017 / United States / Industry

The FCC is continuing with its pro-telecoms operators and light-touch regulation approach, which will culminate in the repeal of the Open Internet rules. On the other hand, the DoJ, also under the guise of light-touch regulation, is taking a stronger stance on vertical mergers and structural remedies. The contradiction could impact the future structure of the market.


Company Trend Analysis - Southeast Asia To Be's Springboard For Expansion - JAN 2018

Asia November 2017 / Asia / Industry

Regional and international e-commerce players have started making moves to become leading players in the Southeast Asia e-commerce market. Chinese has made a series of investments into local partners, establishing a presence ahead of what we predict will eventually be a more substantial expansion.


Industry Trend Analysis - Vodafone Will Leverage IoT Capabilities For Healthcare Applications - JAN 2018

Emerging Europe November 2017 / Global / Industry

Within the Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare will remain one the biggest opportunities for cellular companies. This is exemplified by Vodafone, which will leverage its IoT network for an increasing number of healthcare applications. We expect further partnerships between technology players capable of providing widespread connectivity and health technology companies developing IoT solutions.


Industry Trend Analysis - Wireless Alternatives To Augment Fixed Broadband - JAN 2018

Middle East & Africa November 2017 / Saudi Arabia / Industry

Two novel initiatives should help deepen broadband availability in built-up areas and extend rural broadband coverage in Saudi Arabia. However, the lack of prior use potentially weighs on mass-market success, while user preference for mobile broadband over fixed broadband poses further downside risks.


Industry Trend Analysis - Opportunity Matrix - JAN 2018

Western Europe November 2017 / Global / Industry

BMI 's approach in assessing markets for telecare industry investors globally is twofold.