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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - New Strategy Needed To Leverage New Opportunities - DEC 2015

Americas October 2015 / Global / Industry

Data confirms that operators in developed markets have been under pressure, because of market saturation and strong competition. A new strategy is required, one that would leverage their core strengths and put the onus on deepening their customer base, through premium offers. However, the first required steps include improving LTE uptake, and retaining consumers, as the smartphone will become the core device of any connected strategy.


Industry Trend Analysis - Telkomsel's 2in1 SIM Will Create MFS Opportunity - DEC 2015

Asia October 2015 / Indonesia / Industry

Indonesia's saturated prepaid market means that Telkomsel will need to offer a diverse range of specialised products such as its Kartu As 2in1 SIM, to maintain its market dominance. The operator's collaboration with international MNOs on this front will also support its foray into MFS.


Industry Trend Analysis - Understanding Operational Risks Key To Digital Inclusion Success - DEC 2015

Emerging Europe October 2015 / Global / Industry

Increasingly, the long-term forecasts BMI produces for key sectors and industry verticals will be influenced by public and private sector initiatives aimed at introducing or promoting the role of ICT. Increased business efficiency can drive economic growth and prosperity, but the introduction of new technology and business practices must be done in a considered manner and should not constrain the ability of SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and technology hubs/accelerators to drive innovation in a sustainable fashion.


Industry Trend Analysis - Greater Interoperability To Accelerate MFS Growth - DEC 2015

Middle East & Africa October 2015 / Nigeria / Industry

A more collaborative approach from the outset between players in Nigeria's MFS market will speed the expansion of agent networks and the move toward interoperability. This will ensure accelerating MFS growth, following a slow start.


Industry Trend Analysis - Unique Business Model Makes Deezer An Attractive Prospect - DEC 2015

Western Europe October 2015 / Europe / Industry

Deezer's small size leaves it vulnerable to increased competition from Apple, Google and Amazon in the music streaming market. But its strategy of partnering with telecoms operators means it is closer to reaching profitability than its rivals, and is also helping it establish a strong presence in emerging markets.