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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Axtel Acquisition A Long-Term Bet For Rivals - DEC 2017

Americas October 2017 / Mexico / Companies

Acquiring Axtel would be a medium to long-term play for either Telef?nica or AT&T, as neither player would be able to incorporate Axtel's wireline assets into a converged strategy. If the regulator manages eventually to loosen America M?vil's grip on the mobile and wireline market, it is more likely to allow full convergence strategies for all players.


Industry Trend Analysis - Opportunities For Communication Technology Driven Health Monitoring - DEC 2017

Asia October 2017 / Global / Industry

The successful rollout of health monitoring services using communication technology will require both telecoms companies and device manufacturers to work with the public and private healthcare sector. Telecoms operators will need to ensure network availability and reliability, while device manufacturers will need to build the products to meet the specific needs of health monitoring projects.


Industry Trend Analysis - Drugmakers To Push Patient And Physician Communications Through Apps - DEC 2017

Emerging Europe October 2017 / Global / Industry

Advances in technology, a global focus on improved healthcare efficiency and increasing patient participation in the healthcare decision making process will result in greater healthcare personalisation. Individual-specific disease diagnoses and personalised, unique healthcare regimens will increasingly become the standard practice of care in health sectors globally. Ultimately, healthcare will be led by the consumer and following this, by healthcare professionals, instead of government mandates or industry initiatives. This will result in the development of mobile phone-based tools that focus on disease management - for both patients and physicians.


Company Trend Analysis - Zain's Tower Sale To Have Market-Wide Benefits - DEC 2017

Middle East & Africa October 2017 / Kuwait / Industry

Zain's towers sale is a positive development for the operator and for the Kuwaiti mobile market at large. The deal will allow Zain to focus on a data-monetisation strategy while running a leaner operation. More tower sharing will lower barriers to entry for new players, improving competition in the medium term.


Company Trend Analysis - Cisco Expands: Is Ericsson Next? - DEC 2017

Western Europe October 2017 / Global / Companies

Cisco will continue with its acquisition spree as it looks to diversify away from its legacy core networking products. Ericsson has been mooted as a target, and while the merged company will have unrivalled scale and reach, it would also need a level of integration that neither company has so far experienced.