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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - Claro's Pay-TV Entry To Disrupt Sheltered Market - FEB 2018

Americas December 2017 / Uruguay / Industry

With its licence being valid, Claro will be able to quickly grow its market share with double-play bundles, pushing rivals to seek consolidation in the cable market. Other players like Telef?nica will try to also enter the market using the same decision, but this could be met with regulatory obstacles.


Industry Trend Analysis - TSGN Acquisition A Springboard For Telkom's Growth - FEB 2018

Asia December 2017 / Indonesia / Companies

Telkom Indonesia's acquisition of TSGN will boost its ability to service Asia's high-value enterprise segment. We view the acquisition as positive in raising Indonesia's business connectivity and competitiveness; it will also provide a modest boost to government plans to provide nationwide broadband access.


Industry Trend Analysis - IoT: The Industry Connection - December 2017 - FEB 2018

Emerging Europe December 2017 / Global / Industry

In this edition of The Internet of Things: The Industry Connection, we, once again, focus on sectors as diverse as ICT, healthcare, automotives and energy.


Company Trend Analysis - Airtel Looks To Consolidate In Africa - FEB 2018

Middle East & Africa December 2017 / Africa / Industry

Unable to continue banking unsuccessful ventures in Africa with its domestic revenues, we believe Airtel is actively looking to consolidate or sell off some of its ventures in East Africa. Profit in the continent is being driven by VAS and data packages and Airtel will attempt to consolidate market position in lagging countries, commencing with a purchase of Millicom's Rwanda operation and a bid to take over Etisalat's former unit in Nigeria.


Industry Trend Analysis - UPC Buy A Risk For Salt - FEB 2018

Western Europe December 2017 / Switzerland / Companies

UPC's cable broadband assets would help mobile-only Salt become a more credible player in a Swiss communications market increasingly drawn to converged services. However, it would take more than increased scale to transform Salt's faltering business and a take-over of both Salt and UPC by a more experienced player - possibly Vodafone - would unlock the full value of both assets. Realistically, however, the likeliest outcome is that one or both will be picked up by private investors.