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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Data Behind T-Mobile's New Tourist Plan - AUG 2016

Americas July 2016 / United States / Industry

T-Mobile's international prepaid plan is a way to make data roaming more accessible to visitors to the US. It is simpler to buy than a traditional prepaid SIM card, while it offers greater quality and coverage than connecting to Wi-Fi. As consumers want to use data abroad as at home, and many host operators still do not offer roaming as standard, this could prove a benchmark for receiving networks to attract visitors for a short-term plan.


Industry Trend Analysis - Alibaba To Capitalise On IoT Demand In Asia - AUG 2016

Asia July 2016 / Asia / Industry

Alibaba's cloud expansion into Japan and South Korea will leverage Chinese companies' demand for cloud computing services as they invest abroad. We believe Alibaba's cloud computing business will be looking to exploit the growing demand from the Internet of Things (IoT), and its partnerships with operators could make it a key contender in the international cloud computing space.


Company Trend Analysis - O2 Valuation, Economic Headwinds Are Investment Hurdles - AUG 2016

Emerging Europe July 2016 / Czech Republic / Industry

The potential sale of PPF's investments in the Czech telecoms sector is in line with our long-held expectations. Service provider O2 is highly attractive with robust growth prospects, but finding new investors will be tricky, given the size of O2 and the weak economic outlook.


Industry Trend Analysis - Roaming Agreement To Support Regional Trade Growth - AUG 2016

Middle East & Africa July 2016 / Africa / Industry

WATRA's push for harmonised roaming activities across West Africa and its open dialogue with its members will improve the competitiveness of the telecoms sector. Operators with a strong regional footprint can use reduced roaming fees as a competitive advantage, which would give a knock-on boost to trade among member states.


Company Trend Analysis - Telekom's Interest in HGE Reflects Bullish Europe Cloud Outlook - AUG 2016

Western Europe July 2016 / Europe / Companies

Investing in Host Group Europe (HGE) would significantly boost Deutsche Telekom's public cloud business, increasing its appeal to large multinational enterprises. International expansion of the Telekom Open Cloud portfolio is central to the German telecom operator's diversification strategy, but the size of HGE means it may have to team up with other investors, a move that would diverge from its preferred operating model.