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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - MFS-as-OTT: A New Strategy For Millicom - MAR 2016

Americas February 2016 / Mexico / Companies

Mexico is a significant gap in Millicom's Latin American footprint. Although the company seems keen to enter the market, there are few opportunities open to it. The mobile financial services market (MFS) is one field ripe for exploitation, but a service-only proposition would mark a profound change in Millicom's preferred network-centric strategy.


Industry Trend Analysis - Challenges Will Persist For Kakao Even After Loen Acquisition - MAR 2016

Asia February 2016 / South Korea / Industry

Kakao's acquisition of Loen Entertainment will enable it to tap cost efficiencies enabled by vertical integration of its music streaming business. However, like for the company's domestically popular social messaging application Kakao Talk, it will not be easy to replicate MelOn's success in South Korea overseas, and Kakao will have to invest further into localised content and operator partnerships in order to fully realise expansion opportunities.


Regional Overview - Central & Eastern Europe Telecoms: Key Themes For 2016 - MAR 2016

Emerging Europe February 2016 / Europe / Industry

Regulatory, competitive and macroeconomic pressures will define operators' strategies in the CEE region in 2016, with the key question of how to balance investment in next-generation networks against the rise of competitively priced OTT services still to be answered convincingly. The bright spot will be in services, but a radical overhaul of business models is the most pressing need.


Industry Trend Analysis - MFS Thriving Due To High Security Risks - MAR 2016

Middle East & Africa February 2016 / Somalia / Industry

The very high security and political risks in Somalia have fuelled strong take-up of operator-led MFS in all regions of the country. However, these same factors limit the opportunity to scale services and sustain long-term growth, though to a lesser extent in the more autonomous regions of Somaliland and Puntland.


Company Trend Analysis - Orange Takes Bold Steps In Deepening Strategy - MAR 2016

Western Europe February 2016 / France / Industry

Orange's discussions with Bouygues confirm our view of consolidation in the French market following the spectrum auction in late-2015. The deal will face regulatory hurdles and will require major concessions before it is approved. Orange's foray into mobile banking is part of its strategy to offer diversified services, and while it will provide competition to Apple and Google, the traditional banks will retain the upper hand.