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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Telcel Needs More Than Investment To Counter Competition - MAY 2016

Americas April 2016 / Mexico / Industry

Regulatory decisions and the entrance of new players are both intensifying competition in the wireless segment. Telcel's planned USD6bn investment will help to counter this increasing competition. If the incumbent can leverage its extensive dominance in the wireless segment, as well as out-innovate its competitors, it will be able to maintain significant traction in the market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Investments Lay Foundations For SKT's IoT Strategy - MAY 2016

Asia April 2016 / South Korea / Industry

SK Telecom's latest investments into advanced content, delivery and networks underscore its intent on securing its IoT leadership. The operator aims to establish a nationwide LPWAN platform in the next two years and investing in premium content that leverage augmented and virtual reality technologies will add value to its networks and delivery platforms.


Industry Trend Analysis - 2016 The Tipping Point For Europe's Towers Market - MAY 2016

Emerging Europe April 2016 / Europe / Companies

Heightened competition as a result of consolidation, plus greater urgency for operators to transform into service-centric players means that the tipping point for Europe's mobile towers market will occur in 2016.


Industry Trend Analysis - Monetising 4G Investments Will Be Challenging - MAY 2016

Middle East & Africa April 2016 / Sudan / Companies

Operators will struggle to recoup their investments in 4G infrastructure as there is little appetite for advanced services in Sudan's low-value mobile market. The enterprise sector offers some cause for optimism, however.


Company Trend Analysis - Growing Threat Complexity Behind Lexsi Acquisition - MAY 2016

Western Europe April 2016 / France / Industry

Orange is looking to diversify its enterprise assets, as it is doing on the retail side. The acquisition of Lexsi gives it greater strength in the security segment, an area of growing importance with the increased amount of data created. Based on the structure on the market, we believe that Orange's strongest opportunity lies in providing solutions to meet complex threats.