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Key stories from this month's issue...

Company Trend Analysis - CWP Investment To Underpin Faster Broadband Growth - AUG 2017

Americas June 2017 / Panama / Companies

Improvement in quality of services combined with LGI's multi-play expertise will initially give CWP an advantage in offering premium converged services, but its competitors are likely to react quickly. CWP should be wary of provoking its competitors into a price war that would see its margins and returns squeezed.


Industry Trend Analysis - Telecoms Reform Package Gives NBN More Weight - AUG 2017

Asia June 2017 / Australia / Industry

Australia's proposed telecoms reform package reinforces the NBN's monopoly in selling advanced fixed services and will support the deployment of its services, allowing for greater coverage in rural and remote areas of the country. The clearer separation between service and infrastructure will boost the uptake of more advanced technologies, and we expect the broadband market to continue to outperform.


Industry Trend Analysis - LTE Tracker: Europe Still Lagging Behind - AUG 2017

Emerging Europe June 2017 / Global / Industry

Our first edition of the LTE Tracker highlights that while LTE remains a developed markets technology, Europe is lagging behind its peers. The UK is an exception, because, as in the US, an operator has driven the technology and led the market. This has been lacking elsewhere, a clear hindrance to demand.


Company Trend Analysis - Three Key Reasons For Iflix's Success Over Netflix In Africa - AUG 2017

Middle East & Africa June 2017 / Africa / Companies

Iflix will succeed in SSA where Netflix is being hindered by its inadequate one-size-fits-all model. Iflix's success strategy will be based on three main pillars: content delivery solutions, adequate content localisation and an appropriate subscription payment model. Given the expected growth in internet video entertainment demand in the region, Iflix is poised to become a powerful player.


Industry Trend Analysis - Public And Private Impetus To Drive Connected Cars Adoption - AUG 2017

Western Europe June 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

Being a leader in LTE, in terms of coverage and adoption, the UK is well-placed to become a major player where connected cars become mass market. The role of BT will be crucial, as its investments into expanding LTE, and offering the right type of services, will serve as a driver to its rivals in the market.