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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Global Tech Has Impact On National Regulation - OCT 2016

Americas September 2016 / Georgia / Industry

The tension between the global internet and national rules will only increase, as more and more data are created and flow across borders. Global rules are unlikely to be agreed upon, and in any case they would be minimal, so it is still essential for national lawmakers to update regulations for an internet world. They must be proactive, lest the large global players' norms become the de facto standard.


Industry Trend Analysis - CMC Deal To Accelerate Adoption Of Paid Services - OCT 2016

Asia September 2016 / China / Industry

Through its stake in CMC, Tencent will gain the dominant position in music streaming. This will not only expand its digital content and user base, but also support the adoption of a paid subscription model to boost revenue growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Need For Fibre Investment Calls For 'Operator-As-A-Service' - OCT 2016

Emerging Europe September 2016 / Europe / Industry

The need for fibre investments in Europe calls for a new model, with distinct companies each focusing on infrastructure and services, under what we have called 'operator-as-a-service'. The limited changes to the current system will not lead to the level of investment required, as operators are financially constrained and must focus their efforts outside core infrastructure to stay relevant.


Industry Trend Analysis - Spectrum Auction Positive For LTE Development - OCT 2016

Middle East & Africa September 2016 / South Africa / Industry

ICASA's planned spectrum auction will alleviate bandwidth deficiency in the market and encourage increased investment in LTE networks and data services. We expect major MNOs to dominate the auction process, with the high reserve price potentially discouraging smaller market player Telkom from participating. While this indicates an improving regulatory environment, clashes between ICASA and the Department of Communications pose a downside risk of the auction being delayed or derailed.


Industry Trend Analysis - Intel Looks At IoT While Admitting Mobile Defeat - OCT 2016

Western Europe September 2016 / United States / Companies

Intel allowing ARM's chip designs in its foundry is an admission of defeat in the mobile market and the need to find a new revenue stream as PC sales decline. In the longer term, like all its rivals, Intel is looking at the IoT business for growth, with ARM likely to be both a competitor and a partner.