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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Risk/Reward Ratings - Risk/Reward Index - Q115 - DEC 2014

Americas October 2014 / Latin America / Industry

We have added four new Latin American markets to our Risk/Reward Index in the Q115 update; Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. This has caused the average telecoms score for the region to decline by 1.6 points to 50.8, as the scores for these markets are largely weighted to the downside. This meant that all four of our categories Industry Rewards, Country Rewards, Industry Risks and Country Risks all saw varying declines.


Regional Overview - Xiaomi - From Little Seeds... - DEC 2014

Asia October 2014 / Asia / Companies

Privately-owned Beijing Xiaomi Technology Company Ltd (Xiaomi) is one of China's larger consumer electronics producer-vendors and is growing rapidly on the back of demand for its low-cost smartphones and tablet computers. Its innovative distribution model - selling products and supporting software and applications only through online channels - means it has been able to quickly displace numerous global and local brands. The company has ambitious international expansion plans, which could yet be derailed by complaints from Apple that the designs of Xiaomi's products closely copy those of the iPhone. The US company has not been shy about taking global rivals such as Samsung to court, alleging intellectual property infringements and Xiaomi could be next to be targeted.


Company News Alert - VMCEE Investment Boost Drives Regional Expansion - DEC 2014

Emerging Europe October 2014 / Europe / Companies

BMI View: VMCEE's regional expansion plan, established presence and expertise are important factors in a EUR40mn investment by four organisations. Slowing market growth offers new opportunities to target particular segments of the market, leveraging VMCEE's wide expertise.


Company News Alert - Positive Outlook For Revamped M-Pesa MFS - OCT 2014

Middle East & Africa September 2014 / South Africa / Industry

Vodacom's revamped M-Pesa mobile financial service (MFS) platform is primed to attract significant interest from consumers with its wider distribution network and enhanced functionality. But it does not address the issue of interoperability of MFS platforms in South Africa, which is vital for the long-term value and volume growth of the service.


Company News Alert - Tele2-Ice Deal Eases Consolidation Process - DEC 2014

Western Europe October 2014 / Norway / Companies

BMI View: Mobile Norway's spectrum- and infrastructure-sharing deal with Ice Norway will ease regulatory concerns over TeliaSonera's purchase of the former and accelerate the latter's entry into the crowded mobile market. Nevertheless, there will be little - if any - upside to revenue or subscription growth momentum, other than further unlocking the potential for value-added data services.