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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - 'Always On' Personal Connectivity Key To Tackling Diabetes - JUNE 2016

Americas May 2016 / United States / Companies

Consumers' deeply embedded engagement with the expanding 'always on' digital connectivity ecosystem, typified by high levels of personalised smart devices will be key to tackling the growing burden of non-communicable disease treatment. Among many other initiatives, Sweetch Health - in which Philips has invested - will play a part in this long-term trend.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - Global Economic Headwinds Weigh On Asia Telecoms Risk/Reward Profiles - JUNE 2016

Asia May 2016 / Asia / Industry

Although the region's average telecoms score declined again this quarter, the Asia Pacific countries' Telecoms Risk/Reward Index (RRI) rankings are relatively unchanged as the more developed countries exhibit strong fundamentals despite minor setbacks in the macro environment and slowing growth in the telecoms sector. Similarly, we have not witnessed any out-performers among the developing countries this quarter.


Company Trend Analysis - Listing Inevitable For RCS&RDS' Sustainable Growth - JUNE 2016

Emerging Europe May 2016 / Romania / Companies

The listing of RCS&RDS is inevitable, given the mounting costs of replacing its disparate analogue cable networks with digital equivalents. Selling a 25% stake would allow Zoltan Teszari to remain in control of the company and ensure continuity of its successful expansion strategy.


Industry Trend Analysis - Africa Towers Market: Comparative Analysis Of The Big Four - JUNE 2016

Middle East & Africa May 2016 / Africa / Industry

IHS Towers and American Tower Corporation's acquisition of Nigeria's towers has enabled them to cement their positions as the leading players among Africa's big four tower firms. Although Helios Towers Africa and Eaton Towers are unlikely to be able to outbid their larger rivals for new assets in the most attractive remaining markets, they can benefit from monopolies in some fast-growing, but more risky markets.


Company Trend Analysis - EC Must Focus On Future, Not The Past - JUNE 2016

Western Europe May 2016 / Europe / Companies

By hoping to have a 'Microsoft moment' with Google, the EC is both not learning the right lessons from the Microsoft case and not taking the right steps for European global leaders to emerge. Microsoft led to the domination of Apple and Google, as the market moved from desktop to mobile, and the EC must focus so that European companies can take advantage of future market evolutions.