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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Regulator Unready To Process Accelerated Spectrum Release - JULY 2017

Americas June 2017 / Argentina / Industry

The independent sector's demands for spectrum demonstrate that regulatory inefficiencies and market inequalities in Argentina will not be easily overcome. In particular, plans to quintuple the amount of spectrum to be made available for communications services are highly unrealistic, as ENACOM lacks the resources to effectively manage such a process.


Industry Trend Analysis - Towers Market To Undergo Restructuring - JULY 2017

Asia June 2017 / India / Industry

Competition and consolidation in India's telecoms market has placed pressure on tower tenancy ratios, prompting a number of bids for tower assets. We expect fewer tower companies to dominate the market in the medium term, and the losses of lower tenancy ratios to be offset by continued competition as telecoms operators accelerate 4G roll-outs.


Industry Trend Analysis - Volvo, Audi and Google Trailblazers In Infotainment - JULY 2017

Emerging Europe June 2017 / Global / Industry

Volvo and Audi's decisions to use Android-based infotainment systems provided by Google is a big step forward in the connected car space. It offers carmakers the opportunity to greatly enhance the appeal of their new models to today's consumers while cutting costs and allows Google to gain a stronger foothold in the valuable connected car market. It does, however, highlight the long-term risks to carmakers' earnings and brand values.


Industry Trend Analysis - Yudala To Be e-Commerce M&A Catalyst - JULY 2017

Middle East & Africa June 2017 / Nigeria / Industry

Yudala's acquisition of Yes Mobile demonstrates there is greater potential in online-to-offline e-commerce business models in more mature African markets than we had expected. That Yudala could make such a high-profile acquisition less than two years after launching implies sustainable financial growth and positions it to become a catalyst for further deals in this fragmented market.


Industry Trend Analysis - Cultivation Of Cyber Resiliency In Healthcare Is Long Overdue - JULY 2017

Western Europe June 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

The healthcare sector's lethargic adoption of appropriate cybersecurity protocols will leave it as a prime target for ransomware. The sector needs to keep pace with its growing reliance on interconnected systems and transition from passive to proactive and offensive cybersecurity strategies. The application of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to health IT infrastructures can remove human error by automating responses to learned hacker behaviours.