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Key stories from this month's issue...

10 Year Forecasts - DISH The Unknown In US Spectrum Auction - MAR 2017

Americas February 2017 / United States / Companies

DISH was the main surprise in what was a record-breaking spectrum auction, with the company now owning a significant amount of spectrum without having a wireless network. It has several options at its disposal which could shake up the US wireless market, but would also need favourable circumstances.


Industry Trend Analysis - Strong Growth Ahead For e-Commerce Despite Logistical Hurdles - MAR 2017

Asia February 2017 / Vietnam / Industry

Within APAC, we identify Vietnam as having strong growth potential for e-commerce, on the back of rapidly rising broadband and mobile penetration, greater foreign investment in ICT, and strong state backing and robust economic outlook. Logistics will remain a key challenge for the sector in Vietnam, in particular for smaller cities and rural areas, with Lazada to be best equipped to overcome these hurdles.


Industry Trend Analysis - Data Protection Could Be Weakened By Competing Regulation - MAR 2017

Emerging Europe February 2017 / Europe / Industry

Like the GDPR, the proposed e-privacy regulation has a clear pro-consumer bias, aiming to put users in charge of their data. This will be strengthened if rules are consistent and not competing with each other, as much inside as outside its borders, as the EU looks to become the global standard for data protection and privacy regulation.


Industry Trend Analysis - Frequency Of Internet Shutdowns A Risk For All Players - MAR 2017

Middle East & Africa February 2017 / Congo / Industry

The DRC regulatory decision to order telecom operators to block social media networks poses substantial risks to operator revenue generation capabilities, which will act as a deterrent to investment and innovation.


Company Trend Analysis - Sky Aims At BT With Full IPTV Move - MAR 2017

Western Europe February 2017 / United Kingdom / Industry

Sky moving fully into the IPTV space is aimed at providing greater competition to BT, whose strategy of premium content and lower prices has impacted Sky's traditional business. The move will help it reach more consumers, but we believe it could further solidify its position in the market by becoming a fully convergent player, offering quad-play under a single bill.