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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - No Easy Solution For Sprint - OCT 2017

Americas September 2017 / United States / Companies

None of the deals mooted for Sprint will help the company regain its relevance in the short-term. It has struggled because it has lacked a clear strategy since the Softbank acquisition, and increasing in size alone will not be enough without adding a clear direction as to what the operator wants to be.


Company Trend Analysis - I Squared's Wireline Approach Insufficient For Advanced Market - OCT 2017

Asia September 2017 / Hong Kong / Companies

I Squared's purchase of HGC is welcome, but maintaining a pure wireline strategy would not fit the highly-competitive Hong Kong market, which is increasingly geared towards advanced multi-play services. Hong Kong Broadband Network would be a suitable acquisition, as it is an established wireline player with a growing MVNO user base.


Industry Trend Analysis - Sberbank-Yandex e-Commerce JV To Curb Chinese Influence - OCT 2017

Emerging Europe September 2017 / Russia / Companies

Although Yandex's new e-commerce JV with Sberbank is being pitched as a means of deepening customer relationships within its fast-growing digital services business, it will also seek to dilute growing competition from Chinese companies, thereby serving state-led data nationalisation strategies.


Industry Trend Analysis - Digital Services Motivates Omantel's Zain Investment - OCT 2017

Middle East & Africa September 2017 / Oman / Industry

Omantel's investment in Zain will deliver improved profitability in return for relatively low risk. Both companies are keen to grow their digital services business and their respective skills and assets are highly complementary. A full take-over seems unlikely as it would not serve Omantel's core interests.


Industry Trend Analysis - Sports Next Battle Between Traditional And OTT Players - OCT 2017

Western Europe September 2017 / Global / Industry

Should they choose to, OTT players could become major players in the sports content market. As usage is geared towards streaming, they have the financial clout to outbid their rivals, which are rationalising their spending as price inflation hits premium sports content. Fragmentation and the live nature of the content will continue to be hindrances in the short-to-medium term however.