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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Market Boost From Tax Incentives - AUG 2014

Americas July 2014 / Brazil / Industry

Government support for IT and Consumer Electronics development is key to developing local talent and industry. Brazil's government has approved two key laws that will encourage development of IT hardware and consumer electronics with a view to increasing the input of these industries to Brazil's overall growth. BMI believes the measures will also attract more international manufacturers to the country, which offers strong potential for IT and Consumer Electronics sales growth.


Industry Trend Analysis - Market Dynamics Favour Tower Sharing Model - AUG 2014

Asia July 2014 / China / Industry

The Chinese Telecoms industry is contemplating a move towards a tower leasing model. With the industry's towers-related capex projected to cost up to USD50bn in 2014, BMI believes operators can benefit from substantial capex cost savings if they share towers, although the capex savings will be offset by the operating cost of leasing these assets.


Industry News - Network Annexation Weighs On Russia-Ukraine Telecoms Ratings - JULY 2014

Emerging Europe June 2014 / Ukraine / Companies

BMI View: Russia's annexation of Crimea raises complex issues regarding the appropriation of communications infrastructure within the region. Russia's motivation is to ensure security within its newly-claimed territory. However, as Russian-owned operators are already active in Ukraine, separating networks into separate Russian and Ukrainian units will be a capital-intensive process, exacerbating existing issues with revenue and customer growth and weighing on our risk/reward analyses of both countries.


Industry News - East African Roaming Agreement Benefits Telecoms And Trade - AUG 2014

Middle East & Africa July 2014 / Africa / Industry

In Europe roaming fees are a crucial source of revenue for the region's struggling operators, but in East Africa, where the majority of subscriptions are still prepaid, BMI believes the elimination of roaming fees will benefit operators and subscribers, and lower the cost of trade in the region. In May 2014, the East African Community (EAC) agreed to eliminate roaming fees and implement a one-area network in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi by the end of December 2014. Tanzania is not participating in the agreement, however.


Industry Trend Analysis - Huge Growth For Mobile Financial Services - AUG 2014

Western Europe July 2014 / Global / Industry

There will be massive growth for mobile financial services (MFS) across the developing and developed world over the next two to three years, facilitated by the near ubiquitous penetration of mobile handset, with mobile operators and software developers the main beneficiaries.