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Key stories from this month's issue...

M&A Analysis - Oi Must Spend Wisely To Stay Relevant - FEB 2015

Americas January 2015 / Brazil / Companies

Saddled with the most debt of any Brazilian telecoms company, small mobile presence and strong exposure to the declining fixed-line market, Oi's sale of its Portuguese subsidiary would bring in funds to finance a much-needed acquisition drive in Brazil. There are a number of potential smaller targets but we highlight TIM as the home run option which would transform market dynamics in favour of Oi-TIM.


Industry News - New Spectrum Allocation Proposal To Boost Investor Confidence - FEB 2015

Asia January 2015 / Thailand / Industry

Gifting Thailand's operators 4G spectrum will allow them to build out and operate their next-generation mobile networks more cost-efficiently and offer affordable mobile broadband services. If implemented, the move would allow for a more gradual rate of decline in ARPUs over the next five years and potential growth upside in the longer term.


Industry Trend Analysis - MobilTarca Not A Game Changer For MFS - FEB 2015

Emerging Europe January 2015 / Hungary / Industry

Conditions for mobile financial services platforms to flourish in Hungary are in place, with a high familiarity with banking institutions and a strong alliance between all mobile operators, OTP Bank and MasterCard. However, the MobilTarca platform fails to capture the imagination as it relies heavily on NFC payments with little else in the way of functionality. Hungarians are ready for MFS but MobilTarca is not the platform to deliver results.


Company News Alert - Ethio Telecom Cannot Develop The ICT Sector Alone - FEB 2015

Middle East & Africa January 2015 / Ethiopia / Industry

Although Ethio Telecom reported impressive quarterly revenue growth, it made little headway in deepening penetration of telecoms services in Ethiopia. Lack of liberalisation in the country's telecoms sector will continue to limit growth in the telecoms sector and the wider economy.


Company News Alert - Sky Fibre Lifts Broadband Market Outlook - FEB 2015

Western Europe January 2015 / Ireland / Companies

Sky's ascendancy of Ireland's wireline broadband market will be boosted by its decision to utilise 100Mbps fibre to reach customers. The high bandwidth promised by fibre will allow Sky Ireland to roll out a broader range of value-added products, including on-demand services, and keep pace with its rivals in the converged services arena.