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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - No Obvious Target For Mobile Consolidation - JUNE 2017

Americas May 2017 / Panama / Industry

We do not expect that the proposed legislation easing mergers will lead to immediate consolidation in Panama's mobile market as the four players currently present are aware of the market's strong opportunities. It will require an exceptionally good offer and worsening situations in other parts of their footprint for an operator to decide to sell.


Company Trend Analysis - TPG To Put More Pressure On Prices - JUNE 2017

Asia May 2017 / Australia / Industry

The entry of TPG in the Australian mobile market will put more pressure on prices, as this is the only way the new entrant can gain share in what is a saturated market. Incumbent operators will look to respond with better data services and greater quality, in the hope they can continue to monetise investments in their networks as they shut down 2G services.


Industry Trend Analysis - Free Trade Agreements Must Also Consider Free Data Flows - JUNE 2017

Emerging Europe May 2017 / Global / Industry

Increased digitisation means using and processing personal data has become part of many companies' daily routine. However, many countries have put restrictions on the free flow of data, with privacy, security, surveillance and protectionism core reasons for these restrictive measures. We expect greater focus to be put on free data flows as part of free trade agreements, as well as its impact across many sectors.


Company Trend Analysis - TV Partnerships To Embed Data Usage Trends - JUNE 2017

Middle East & Africa May 2017 / Ghana / Companies

African operators have struggled to generate significant returns on investment in 3G and, more recently, 4G. Our view is that low-cost access to video content will provide the quickest route to monetising 4G investments, while also encouraging customers to spend more per month on a recurring basis than they would otherwise do on basic voice-and-Internet 2G/3G platforms. MTN's partnership with Kwes? TV is, therefore, one we would hope to see replicated across the region.


Industry Trend Analysis - FreedomPop's IoT Strategy To Drive Further Competition - JUNE 2017

Western Europe May 2017 / United States / Industry

FreedomPop's USD1 IoT plan is a further indication, and confirmation, that connectivity will soon become commoditised and that services are the way to profitability in the market. It will bring further competition, and price pressure, in the US market, which is developing more quickly than anywhere else globally.