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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Tower Market Turning A Corner - MAR 2015

Americas February 2015 / Argentina / Industry

Argentina's telecoms tower industry is notable for its overall lack of activity, with third-party towercos eschewing the market in favour of lower risk countries in Latin America.


Industry Trend Analysis - Retrogressive Regulation To Impede Investment Strategies - MAR 2015

Asia February 2015 / Thailand / Industry

BMI View: Changes to Thailand's regulatory regime will heighten uncertainty surrounding spectrum allocation, potentially limiting operators' willingness to invest. Spectrum allocation for "public benefit" will lead to public-private partnerships that mimic the concessionary regime abandoned in 2012.


Industry Trend Analysis - MobilTarca Not A Game Changer For MFS - FEB 2015

Emerging Europe January 2015 / Hungary / Industry

Conditions for mobile financial services platforms to flourish in Hungary are in place, with a high familiarity with banking institutions and a strong alliance between all mobile operators, OTP Bank and MasterCard. However, the MobilTarca platform fails to capture the imagination as it relies heavily on NFC payments with little else in the way of functionality. Hungarians are ready for MFS but MobilTarca is not the platform to deliver results.


Industry Trend Analysis - Zero-Rated Plans A Short-Term Fix For Encouraging Internet Uptake - MAR 2015

Middle East & Africa February 2015 / United Arab Emirates / Industry

The launch of zero-rated plans may offer short-term relief for operators in developing markets to improve data attachment rates, but they can also lead to the commoditisation of advanced data networks. Operators and regulators in emerging markets must ensure that walled gardens do not characterise consumer's interactions with the Internet.


Company News Alert - UPC Price Hike To Weigh On Market Growth - MAR 2015

Western Europe February 2015 / Ireland / Companies

BMI View: UPC's decision to raise the price of its services by as much as 11% represents a considerable risk for a company that has recorded only nominal improvement in its market share over the last 12 months. As rival Sky grows rapidly, UPC risks losing valuable premium customers.