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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Bitel's Data Success Feeds Growth Ambitions - SEPT 2015

Americas July 2015 / Peru / Industry

The emphasis on data is serving newcomer Bitel well as it competes with the might of Movistar and Claro. The regional giants have considerable arsenals of content they can wield that will challenge Bitel's ambitious growth targets.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - Asia Pacific Risk/ Reward Index - Q4 2015 - SEPT 2015

Asia July 2015 / Asia / Industry

Changes to the rankings in this quarter's update to BMI's Asia-Pacific Telecoms Risk/Reward Index (RRI) were mostly minor, although the two most notable changes were Pakistan's drop from 14th to 17th place, and Thailand's fall from 18th to 23rd place. Both were a result of deterioration in the countries' Industry Rewards scores. As a result, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, East Timor, Mongolia and Myanmar have had their rankings boosted this quarter, even though their scores were unchanged.


Industry Trend Analysis - Lebara To Benefit From OTT-Led Diversification - SEPT 2015

Emerging Europe July 2015 / Europe / Industry

Lebara is making a bold move in launching Lebara Play, an OTT video service, as it looks to further diversify from its basic strategy focusing on cheap international calls. The service will attract a different type of customer, the more settled migrant community, as Lebara looks to instil greater loyalty and increase its revenue through premium services.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - Middle East And North Africa Telecoms Risk/Reward Index - Q415 - SEPT 2015

Middle East & Africa July 2015 / Middle East / Industry

Although there were minor changes to nearly all countries' scores, there have only been minor shifts in the rankings on our Risk/Reward Index for Q415. However, over the next two to three years we expect North African countries and Iran to gradually pull ahead as the data boom takes hold among their large populations.


Industry Risk/Reward Index - Western Europe Telecoms Risk/Reward Index - Q415 - SEPT 2015

Western Europe July 2015 / Europe / Industry

The Western European telecoms market is suffering from tough macroeconomic conditions, and the market structure in itself, which provides limited growth both operationally and financially. The market is switching paradigm (voice to data, network to services, telecoms to non-telecoms competition), but the structure and ongoing regulation prevent operators from taking advantage of the changes to drive future growth.