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Key stories from this month's issue...

Industry Trend Analysis - Chinese Tech Stocks Blow US Counterparts Away: 3 Reasons Why - APR 2018

Americas April 2018 / China / Industry

Chinese technology stocks have been enjoying a better run than their US peers owing to more protectionist regulations, heavily diversified revenue streams and brighter prospects in the telecoms market. A long-term correction in prices is expected, but the short term will reward Chinese tech investors.


Industry Trend Analysis - 5G-Preparedness The Clear Agenda For Regulator - APR 2018

Asia April 2018 / Australia / Industry

The upcoming spectrum auction will prepare operators to deploy 5G, although upselling legacy voice subscriptions to data services and wireline substitution remain key growth drivers before the new technology is rolled out.


Industry Trend Analysis - Streaming Key To Sky Expansion - APR 2018

Emerging Europe April 2018 / Europe / Industry

Content partnerships will be essential if Sky and Netflix are to deepen their penetration of more mature pay-TV markets, where cable is difficult to displace yet streaming is yet to gain traction. Meanwhile, the launch of Sky Show in Switzerland is an important first step in the satellite operator's effort to move outside its core market where it aims to be the disruptive OTT player.


Industry Trend Analysis - Key Themes For Telecoms In 2018 - APR 2018

Middle East & Africa April 2018 / Global / Industry

Operators will increasingly be judged on the breadth, relevance and quality of the services they offer to end-users. Success will require investment in passive and active infrastructure, the creation or acquisition of unique content, the acquisition of complementary businesses and the use of disruptive technologies. The roll-out of networks offering ubiquitous connectivity will take on a new urgency in 2018 as 5G nears commercialisation and the pressure is piled on wireline operators to invest in fibre. Vertical consolidation is still possible - and is actually necessary - in some markets, but horizontal expansion has much to commend it as long as service-led business models are clearly defined.


Industry Trend Analysis - O2 Sale An Upscaling Opportunity For Some - APR 2018

Western Europe April 2018 / Germany / Industry

There would be no shortage of prospective buyers for O2 should Telefonica decide to sell. The business is, however, a long way from being a major player in the converged services market and would be better positioned as a mobile-focused proposition, leaving its wireline assets to be picked up by a stronger multi-play provider.